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Wheat is a grass with a very swollen grain that when ground, produces a flour that is particularly suitable for the production of bread and biscuits. It is the world's most important crop.

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Sugar beet is an important crop of arable rotations throughout the major growing regions of the UK. Commonly grown in conjunction with wheat, barley or pulses, sugar beet provides a valuable break crop returning organic matter to the soil and preventing the build up of disease.

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Rapeseed crops have been cultivated throughout much of the world for at least four thousand years although it was not until the 13th century in Europe that this was done on a commercial scale. At the time its primary use was as a lamp oil but prior to this the oils had been used in soaps and for other purposes.

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Know your crops

Do you know where your food comes from? No. I don't mean the supermarket. I'm talking about before it gets to the shops. Most of your food actually starts life on a farm - and on my farm we grow crops... lots of them.

Fun on the farm

And as well as learning all about growing crops and what it's like to be a farmers, there's also lots of wildlife to try and spot, you can have a good look around our farm vehicles, including the combine and tractors, and you might even get to try your hand at welly wanging or meet a bird of prey.

Tractor rides and welly wanging

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