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Farming by season


- Spreading pig poo on the fields

- Plough land and get ready for spring drilling

- Drill (sow) spring barley and beans

- Drilling sugar beet

- Drilling carrots

- Fertilise winter wheat and oil seed rape

- Spray crops to protect from pests and disease and keep them healthy



- Irragate (water) carrots

- Visit farm shows to see what new machines are out there

- Service machines ready for harvest

- Harvest the oil seed rape, winter wheat, spring barley and spring beans

- Load lorries of grain and they go to the big grainstore at hemswell

- Lead straw bales to the piggery

- Trim hedges



- Lift (harvest) sugar beet and take to the newark sugar beet factory

- Spreading pig poo on the fields

- Cultivate the land for the next winter crop

- Drill (sow) the winter wheat, oil seed rape

- Clean machines and put away for winter



- Lifting sugar beet and loading into lorries

- Harvesting carrots

- Planting hedges

- Digging dykes out

- Clearing land drains to keep water off the fields

- Workshop jobs eg repair and service machines

- We shoot game for 8 days in the winter

- Visit farm shows to see what new machines are out there

- Office work and paper work  

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